mapping sustainable human development transition European policies

Mapping European initiatives on sustainable development & sustainable transition

The current climate crisis has led European institutions to increasingly direct their policies towards sustainable development and ecological transition. To be effective, such sustainability transition initiatives should be socially equitable. SPES partners from the University of Florence are working in two separate mapping to highlight the relevance of sustainable human...

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sustainable transition global south EU Horizon 2030 sustainable development beyond GDP

Policy frameworks for sustainability transition: Mapping approaches in the European Union and the Global South

How do the EU policies integrate and articulate the notion of sustainability transition? There are some significant differences in the development and transition challenges and policy perspectives of low- and middle-income regions in the Global South when compared with the internal sustainability transition agenda of the EU.  Furthermore, in the...

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inequalities transformative pathways sustaianbility transitions SPES

Reducing inequalities as a central objective

We still tend to develop policies that follow the status quo, without envisioning radical transformations towards more equal societies. We need more disruptive ideas. Social Platform, the largest leading organisation working on social issues and Belgian Partner of the SPES Consortium, participated to the presentation event of the ETUI...

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project framework spes sustainability perormances evidence and scenarios peace human security participation and empowerment equity productivity environmental sustainability people partnership planet prosperity

Project Framework: Sustainable Human Development vision to sustainability transition

Project SPES framework offers a Sustainable Human Development (SHD) vision to sustainability transition. It links the 5 Ps of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership and Peace -  with the 5 pillars of SHD – productivity, equity, environmental sustainability, participation & empowerment, human security emphasizing...

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